New trainings on waste management and storage of chemical substances and mixtures

Fortis Visio organizes trainings on storage, labeling and packaging of substances and mixtures, waste management, as well as new training on waste reporting, which will also explain the new National Waste Information System (NWIS). The Association of Environmental Management Specialists (ASAS) is an institutional partner of the trainings conduction. During the trainings, the participants will be introduced with the requirements and obligations under the current regulations, as well as the newly introduced requirements. Practical guidance will be given on the specific implementation of relative legislation in the day-to-day work of the participants. The trainings will be held in Sofia and Varna in November as follows:

  • “Current requirements for industrial, hazardous and construction waste management ” – 15.11.17 – Sofia; 22.11.17 – Varna;
  • “Waste reporting – transition to the new National Waste Information System (NWIS)” – 16.11.17 – Sofia; 23.11.17 – Varna;
  • “Storage, labeling and packaging of chemical substances and mixtures” – 17.11.17 – Sofia; 24.11.17 – Varna.

Location in Sofia: 13 Serdika Str., Business Center, 2nd floor.

Location in Varna: 30 Bratya Shkorpil Str., Boutique Splendid Hotel.

The participation fee is 175 leva, excluding VAT. In the case of participation of more than one participant from the same company or early subscriptions until 10.11.17 or registration for more than one training, as well as for members of ASAS – 10% discount. Payment should be made by bank transfer. The fee includes: a certificate of attendance training, study materials and a paper presentation that will serve the participants during the training as well as additional instructions and a presentation that will be sent by e-mail to the participants after the end of the training.

You can register by paying the participation fee and calling one of the following mobile numbers or submitting by email a request to participate with the following information: the full name and position of the person to participate; phone and email; the name and address of the represented company; invoice data.

For information and registration: 0877 774 215 |