Training in ContourGlobal Operations Bulgaria AD

Conducting training of employees from “ContourGlobal Operations Bulgaria” AD on the topic: “Requirements for storage, labelling and packaging of chemical substances and compounds” under the territory of ContourGlobal Maritsa East 3 TPP (Thermal Power Plant).

The participants are divided into groups, with the training taking place over several consecutive days for the full absorption of the material by the attendees, as well as an opportunity to make communication easier in order to have a discussion with questions of a practical nature. The aim of the training is for the participants to acquire the necessary competence for implementing the normative acts and internal regulations of their daily job. Through the knowledge gained during the training, the employees can perform their duties in the field of correct packaging and labelling of hazardous chemical substances and compounds, their correct storage, as well as the use of personal safety measures for guaranteeing a safe and effective work under the premises of the establishment.