Strategic Environmental Assessments of Comprehensive Master Plans of municipalities

The aim of the Strategic Impact Assessment (SIA) is to assess the possible significant environmental impacts from the implementation of a municipality’s Comprehensive Master Plan. SIAs for some of the municipalities, at the discretion of the competent authority, are carried out at the same time as the procedure for assessments of plans significantly affecting Natura 2000 sites.

Our team have been carried out SIAs for the following municipalities:

  • Koprivshtitsa Municipality;
  • Nikopol Municipality;
  • Pernik Municipality;
  • Kirkovo Municipality;
  • Dzhebel Municipality;
  • Opan Municipality.

The procedure for SIA of the Master Plan of Madzharovo Municipality is under implementation.

A qualified team of over 10 experts with long experience has been working on the SIAs.