Project for the Implementation of the Biodiversity Action Plan of DPM Krumovgrad

The project was implemented with a view to the successful implementation of the Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) of Dundee Precious Metals Krumovgrad EAD. BAP aims at reducing the impact of the DPM Krumovgrad EAD project for the extraction and processing of gold-containing ores from the Ada Tepe site of the Khan Krum deposit, Krumovgrad on both types of protected terrestrial turtles – Testudo hermanni and Testudo graeca. The object of the project is the Ada Tepe relocation territory, with an area of 250 ha, around the territory of the investment project.

The following main activities have been implemented:

  1. Mapping key sites and objects for the target species

93 key sites in the Ada Tepe area are identified and mapped – sites for building stone thresholds, watering places, places for planting fruit trees and shrubs, existing fountains, wells.

  1. Actions envisaged to achieve the objectives of the Biodiversity Action Plan

Various activities are envisaged, conditionally divided into three groups according to their purpose:

  • Activities related to the reduction of the loss of turtles
  • Activities related to the improvement of habitats
  • Activities related to restoration and improvement of turtle populations


  1. Evaluation of the success of the activities

For the evaluation of the success of the activities, indicators are proposed for assessing the achievement of the targets set in the Biodiversity Action Plan as a result of the implementation of the respective measures, and a methodology for the implementation of the indicators has been elaborated.