Management plans of Elenova gora Nature Reserve and Chamdzha Nature Reserve

Elenova gora Strict Nature Reserve and Chamdzha Managed Nature Reserve are protected territories under the Bulgarian law, located outside the borders of Central Balkan National Park, but managed by the Park Directorate.

More than 25 experts took part in the elaboration of the first management plans of the reserves.

The project activities included:

  • Field and desk surveys
  • Mapping of the plant and animal species and the natural habitats in the reserves’ territory
  • Analyses and assessments based on the gathered data
  • Elaboration of expert reports
  • Creating vision for the future management of the reserves and proposal of conservational and tourism development activities within the legislation limits and requirements

The plans were elaborated within the implementation of public procurement “Selection of Natura Consultant” under DIR5113325-12-109 “Central Balkan – a park for everyone” Project.