Health status assessment and implementation of rehabilitation and fortifying activities for the Old Elm in Sliven (first stage)

The Old Elm is symbolic for Sliven. Especially after it has been chosen for European tree of 2014, it acquired international recognition. Because of its age, the tree is in risk, so an expert analysis of its health status has been carried out and measures to improve its condition has been recommended.

The assessment of the health status of the Old Elm included the following activities:

  • Diet assessment: mechanical composition, density, pH in H2O and CaCl2, humus and organic carbon content, total nitrogen, exchange bases and sorption capacity, electroconductivity, phosphorus and potassium absorption;
  • Phytopathological and dendrochronological analysis;
  • Analysis of the degree of rotting of the stem and branches with the Rinntech devices – resistograph and arbotom (impulse tomography);
  • Preparation of a final report and recommendations for improving the condition of the tree.

The activities were carried out in compliance with the Contract of 30.05.2014 for assessment of the health status of the Old Elm in Sliven.